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The Farmer / Lardy Symposium

The two most successful retriever field trial trainers in the history of the sport, Danny Farmer and Mike Lardy, together for the first time, demonstrate and discuss a multitude of training techniques and philosophies.
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Danny Farmer
Mike Lardy
Moderator:  Pat Burns

What You Get

11 Hours of Training
Covering a 4-day Symposium

Topics Covered

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Lesson series

The Farmer / Lardy Symposium

A vision for revolutionary approach to a retriever training event was cast by Pat Burns. This training event would bring together the most elite retriever sport experts showcasing their techniques and knowledge to a group of dedicated, progressive handlers and their canine athletes. 

This vision became reality at the Farmer/Lardy Symposium held in the foothills of the East Tennessee mountains, on the Chad and Paige Baker estate. Led by the most influential powerhouses in the sport, Danny Farmer and Mike Lardy, the symposium provided four comprehensive, focused days that explored every training technique available.

This 11 hour video was produced to capture this event as if you were attending the symposium.
THE Farmer / Lardy Symposium

Topics Covered

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Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Day 4

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Land Marks

Bird placement
Diversion placement
Flyer setup
Head swinging
Heeling to line
Silent heeling drill
Handler movement on line
Line manners
Handling on marks
And much more…..

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Land Blinds

Literal casting
Crossing the line
Micro steps
Silent cast refusal
Sloppy sits
Sideway sits
Friendly whistles
Boxing in blind end
And much more…..

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Birds in the water

Training versus trial tests
Alberta procedure
Flyer placement
Handling on marks
Delayed marks
Popping on marks (Chapters 1,2,3)
And much more……
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Ontario Ten Step

Danny's Basic Demo - sit means sit
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Water Blinds

Whistle timing

Giving pressure
Cookbook training
Dealing with long entries
And much more….
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Tertiary Land Marks

Development of marking
Secondary selection
Line Manners
Discussion and Q&A

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Discussion and Q&A

Comments from Symposium Handlers
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