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Danny Farmer
Mike Lardy

A vision for a revolutionary approach to a retriever training event was cast by Pat Burns. This training event would bring together the most elite retriever sport experts showcasing their techniques and knowledge to a group of dedicated, progressive handlers and their canine athletes. Danny Farmer and Mike Lardy provided four comprehensive, focused days that explored every training technique available.

Shortly after the first Farmer/ Lardy Symposium in 2017, it was evident that a “Rematch” was needed. Both Danny and Mike agreed - there was more to be done, more to be covered and more to be taught. While making light of a “Rematch”, as if this were a prize fight between sparring opponents, the respect that Danny and Mike have for each other’s talents and training style has been and is always evident. The desire to match wits and work together with some great dog and handler teams was voiced by both of them.

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