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All of our programs are authored by the most successful retriever trainers in North America. Learn how to train your retriever with proven techniques clearly demonstrated by our instructors. Listen to these legends in the sport discuss their training philosophy and share their training secrets.

Our legacy instructors are the best in the industry. Their accomplishments include multiple National Retriever Championship winners, National Championship finalists and hundreds of Field Champions in both the U.S. and Canada.
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Whether you are looking to train your retriever for field trial competition, hunt test or want a well trained gun dog, there is a program for you. We offer a range of programs from puppy to a finished dog that can help you bring out the best performance in your retriever and teach you skills to become a better trainer and handler. 

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  • Complete step by step retriever training from 7 weeks old to a finished retriever.
  • Video demonstrations of lessons
  • Downloadable manuals with diagrams and charts for most programs

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